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I grew up in a home that featured high moral values and standards. I was taught how to be a woman at an early age. My exceptional moral character promoted selfless usage of my time, talent, energy, resources, and influence to bring out the best in myself, others, and my community.

It wasn’t long before I discovered how difficult it would be to meet someone while striving to be a daughter of Sarah in today’s world. After a few attempts at dating, I gave myself one more shot at love. I logged into my online dating portal and altered the settings to find someone who was also “seeking companionship.” This was my carefully crafted idea to protect myself until I ran into eros love. He awoke in me a fire that would only be satiated with his touch.

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Immerse yourself in the enthralling realm of Love in Disorder. Each page serves as a gateway to excitement and inspiration! This novel is an essential addition for passionate readers and anyone in search of an exhilarating literary getaway.

About the author

Hi, I am Andrea (Ally)! My warmth, expertise, and dedication have earned me recognition and respect in the MH /SA= field.

 I am a researcher, a speaker, and an educator. I share my knowledge and insights with diverse audiences, including professionals, students, and community groups. I would like to continue a positive impact on the lives of individuals by helping them heal from trauma, build resilience, and thrive in their overall well-being through my stories. 

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Contemporary Romantic Novel

Love in Disorder, a modern romance, is a clever novel where all things co-exist beautifully, sex, heartbreak, spirituality, and discovery. 

There are hidden gems throughout the novel beginning with the cover.

This communication is for a mature audience.

 ~Reader’s discretion is advised ~

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Mama's Heart, A Love to Share (Age 5+)

Mama’s Heart, A Love to Share, a children’s book, for families with multiple kiddos seeking attention.

 This book explores the unbreakable bond between a mother and her children with a delightful rhythm and poetic grace.

In the folds of its pages, this book eloquently expresses Mama’s affection and acceptance.

All Better (Age 3+)

All Better, is a children’s book, to help comfort your child while ill. 

This book features the warmth and comfort of a parent’s affection as they work together to get their child back to their happy place of wellness.

With unconditional love, compassion, high-quality care, comfort, laughter, and playing, children can forget for a few minutes that they are not well.


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Trauma Warrior

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